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Subject: He Had His Way - Bbs Lolita
part 2He Had His Way With Me 2By ParkstrangerIf you read the first part of, "He Had His Way with Me," you know by now
that quite by circumstance I met an older `gentleman' at a roadside rest
stop in a remote, thick forest type area and we began to chat a bit. I
ended up taking a walk with him back into a scenic outlook with waterfalls
and river. That led to me eventually being on my knees sucking him and then
later being stripped naked with him pumping me full of his cum. Quite Bbs Lolita an
reintroduction to man-to-man sex and one, I still am a bit confused about
but still often think back to. The first part was day one. Here's day two.I was going to be working in that area for another 3 -- 4 days and, after
our second meeting I gave him my room number where I was staying to call me
if he wished -- he wished to call me. He called Bbs Lolita me that night in my motel
room. He said, "Hi sexy." I'm sitting here thinking about that nice ass of
yours." "I'd love to have my hands on it right now." Nobody ever called me
`sexy' before and my cock started to stir just hearing his voice. I told
him that flattery would get him everywhere, all the while wondering why
this `older gentleman' had this kind of affect on me. He asked me to meet
him again the Bbs Lolita next morning. I tried to say "no" as I was now a little sore
`down there.' Well anyway, I did try to say Bbs Lolita
no but by now I think he knew
that he could talk me into almost anything. Almost?He then preceded to Bbs Lolita phone sex me. He described all the things he wanted to
do to me telling me how he was going to again take me back in the bush and
have Bbs Lolita his way with me. How he was going to strip me and force me to my knees
for him. How he was going to hold me by the hair and fuck me in my
mouth. How he was going to make me take his big load and make me swallow it
all. By now his phone sex had me on my bed with a raging hard on and
stroking it for him -- and -- agreeing with everything he wanted
including meeting him early in the morning -- saying `yes' when he told
me he was going to spank my fat, bubble ass for me -- saying `yes' when
he said he wanted to fuck me again. By now I was his and he really knew he
had me. And, when he told me he had a `friend' who he wanted to meet me and
he had me so highly sexed up I said `yes.'By the time I had hung up I was exhausted and had cum all over myself. I
thought to myself, "You dumb S.O.B. what have you got yourself into?" Call
me what you want because I've already called myself every name in the book,
but really the only name that fit was slut because somehow in a matter of
two days more or less I went from semi-straight to a man's slut agreeing to
do him and his `friend' who I found out was actually his younger brother by
2 years. His brother could have been almost his twin not only in physical
appearance but in cock size as well (thankfully) both about 6 cut and just
a nice thick if you know what I mean.I woke up early the next morning after a fitful night of sleep -- waking
up feeling guilty, waking up excited, waking up horny again. Finally waking
up and knowing I was going to meet him (them) again. By now I knew that a
good part of the excitement for me was `doing it' in the outdoors -- for
some reason that turned me on big time. By the time I reached our `meeting
place,' I was so ready. Nothing else has occupied my mind since he called
me the night beforeWhen I pulled in (a bit early) they were already there waiting for me. They
were sitting together at a picnic table watching me pull up and park. Lover
gentleman was standing at my door when I got out and as there was only the
three of us in the whole area, put his arm Bbs Lolita around me and kissed me,
immediately running his other hand up under my shirt and feeling me
up. Again I was having that weak kneed feeling, and when he broke the kiss,
I looked over at his `friend' and could see the excitement in his eyes
too. He came over and stood beside us and my friend introduced us. As he
was introducing us, his brother (as I now knew) also started pushing his
hand down the back of my pants and caressing my ass.I was the first to suggest that we should take a walk before I was getting
fucked out in the wide open, so we headed down the path towards the
waterfall. We made the meadow like clearing and they just pushed me up
against that tree again. They were both all over me and I was so horny
again I just let them have their way. They started by stripping my shirt
and pants off almost at the same time with their hands all over me and I
was just loving it. With one whole days re-experience behind me, I quickly
figured out that a trip to the local drug store would go a long way towards
helping me - well -- accept cock up my ass. I bought lube the night
before and had amply applied it before leaving my motel room.Have you ever had the pleasure of having one man in front of you and one
behind you both touching, feeling, sucking your nips and pushing a cock
between your buns at the same time? Man or woman? If you had, then you know
how I felt at this time. Gentleman had my front, feeling, sucking and
stroking me. His brother was behind me with his cock in between my cheeks
and holding my hips. Gentleman asked me if I was ready for them and to
answer him, I just kneeled down and took his now erect and ready cock into
my mouth and began to suck him. Brother started running his cock up and
around my lubed and now easy entrance. As I sucked gentleman, his brother
pushed into me. He went balls deep very quickly and started stroking in me
deep. As the discomfort from before lessened, I got in rhythm and sucked my
man with the fucking I was getting. Brother, being so horny and me being
new to him and sucking cock at the same time, came in me in about 20
strokes and my god did he unload in me. My gentleman friend who was also I
guess, super hyped by this mini- gangbang also came quickly and yes, I
swallowed it all.In fact I was with them for the next two hours fucking and sucking. It was
as if they couldn't get enough of my body as they continued to keep me
sandwiched between them touching me and feeling me. To have two sets of
hands roaming all over your body is an indescribable, incredible high I was
totally impressed with the staying power and the almost total possession
they had taken of me. I think I owe it all to the blue pill but either way,
I was getting the benefit of two very worked up, horny men. I'm not sure
how much time had passed when I felt my gentleman friend at my pussy
entrance probing at me wanting his turn to fuck me. I shifted to face him
on my back with my head in brother's lap as he made good use of the pillow
he had brought along sliding it under my bum and spreading my leg for him
as he eased oh so easily now into me. Brother seemed content to sit
cradling my head and rubbing his cock along my cheek as gentleman fucked
me. This time he was fucking me slowly with easy long stroked in and out of
me as I ground my hips back at him in time with his thrusts. When he came
in me again I couldn't quite believe he could still have that much cum in
him. Cum was running back out of me in a steady stream and still was when
brother wanted another go. They just traded place and now I was getting
fucked yet again while trying to clean off gentleman's cock by licking up
and down his now soft shaft with my head twisted to accommodate him.Finally, after brother came in me again to, it all came to an end for that
day as now there were three sexually exhausted men who lay panting on each
other. We all made our way back out of there after getting dressed and had
enough strength in our legs to carry us. I think the old boys went home and
slept for a few hours because I know I did (after a very long shower.)This was a new start to another two days of sucking cock and getting my ass
fucked. Yes, I did it for them and loved every minute of it. I stopped
trying to rationalize as someone once told me when I was much younger, "If
it feels good, just do it." So I did it then and now here I was doing it
again.And, can you believe that 2-days later on my drive home, I stopped again to
stretch and use the facility? Another traveller stopped and we started
taking -- is it vibes? Yes, not 10 minutes later I was again in the bush
-- on my knees sucking his BIG ...If you've made it this far without cuming, I didn't do my job!Parkstranger
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